Tom Brady points to ’07 Patriots’ often overlooked rout of Buffalo Bills as arguably his greatest game ever

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It’s not particularly hard to find a great number of historic performances from Tom Brady over the course of his NFL career with the New England Patriots. Heck, we even gave it a swing here at CBS Sports earlier this offseason when we ranked Brady’s top five moments in Foxborough following his decision to sign with the Tampa Buccaneers and end his two-decade tenure in New England. While you can’t really go wrong by picking legendary moments like 28-3, The Tuck Rule, or the comeback vs. the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX as the pinnacle of Brady’s powers, the six-time Super Bowl champion has his own personal favorite and it’s an often-overlooked gem. 

For Brady, the 2007 Patriots’ 56-10 rout of the Buffalo Bills in Week 11 is what he considered to be “a masterpiece of football.” 

“I don’t think many people would ever think about that game when they think about my career,” Brady said on the Apple TV+ docu-series “Greatness Code,” as transcribed by “I don’t think people would go, ‘Man, that Sunday night Buffalo Bills game, that was the one.’ But for me, when I think about it — and I’ve got this big catalog of games — I think, ‘Yep, that was the one.'”

New England was able to score on its first seven offensive possessions and even returned a fumble for an eighth touchdown before having to punt the football. Brady’s performance was borderline comical, as he completed 31 of his 39 passes for 373 yards, five touchdowns and no interceptions with a passer rating of 146.1. 

“I almost giggle every time I think about that game,” Brady said. “Because ever since that game, I’m still trying to get back to that point. Because in so many ways, for me, it was a perfect night.”

Randy Moss caught 10 of Brady’s throws for 128 yards and four touchdowns, but it was Donté Stallworth who was on the receiving end of one of the best throws Brady believes he has made in his career. The now 42-year-old quarterback highlighted that he released the football while still seeing the back of Stallworth’s jersey and the receiver turned around just in time for the ball to hit him squarely in the chest. The anticipation, timing and accuracy of the throw were pristine. 

“You feel like at that point you can’t do much wrong,” he said. “It really wouldn’t have mattered who was on the field that night because our execution was unstoppable. [The Bills] were the mosquitoes; we were the windshield.”

The Patriots would go on to run the table and go 16-0 to finish off the regular season, but what takes that historic 2007 campaign from being held in higher regard in New England is the fact that the team was unable to bring home a Lombardi, losing to the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII. Of course, the Patriots have rebounded quite nicely since that loss, claiming three more Super Bowl titles since then, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a more potent version of Brady and New England than in 2007. And it appears like Brady isn’t overlooking the heights they reached that year, despite the lack of hardware. 

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